Trivia Time 2: Army and War

Post your answers in comments. Tomorrow the answers are in the comments.

  1. What southeastern state was the last to return to the Union after the Civil War?
  2. What Civil War general graduated first in the West Point class of 1829?
  3. What U.S. military base was won in the last major battle against Japan?
  4. What U.S. war broke out the same year the federal government first printed paper money?
  5. What was the first war the U. S. took part in that was partially financed with lottery dollars?
  6. Bonus Unrelated Question: What is the only domesticated animal not mentioned in the Bible?

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5 Responses to Trivia Time 2: Army and War

  1. Stephanie says:

    1 Virginia
    2 Grant
    3 Philipines
    4 Civil
    5 World War 2
    Bonus cat

  2. David says:

    1. Georgia
    2. Robert E. Lee
    3. Guam
    4. Civil War
    5. The First Gulf War — Desert Storm
    Bonus: Cat

  3. James says:

    2.Charles Mason (Thanks Kevin for alerting me to the error)
    4.The Civil War
    5.The Revolutionary War
    Bonus:The Cat

  4. kevin says:

    #2 should be Charles Mason. Robert E. Lee finished 2nd in his class.

  5. James says:

    Wow I guess my resource was wrong. I checked again and everywhere else said second. Updated the answers.

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