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Stereogram (Eye puzzle) Maker

Do you like eye puzzles? If you do you will like this site. It is a Stereogram or eye puzzle maker. You can make a picture and make short words and in the end press done and voila! you get … Continue reading

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I am now taking a Tae-Kwan-Do class. It is basically a class where you learn to do the Tae-Kwan-Do basics of fighting and defending such as front kick, circular kick, cross step kick, and how to defend using hands, legs, … Continue reading

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Puzzle 5

This is in answer mode. Put the answers in the comments. Answers in the comments when the next one comes out. n The capital letter of Florida. The capital letter of Arkansas. And the thing on top of this puzzle. … Continue reading

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Puzzle 4

Puzzle time! Put your answers in the comments. When the next puzzle is here the answers are going in the comments. Start from the beginning and count up to 10. Then multiply all the numbers.

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Winterbells is a cool game. The objective is to make this white bunny hop up bells. Don’t fall or you lose. Jump on birds to double your score. The higher you are the smaller the bells. And then check out … Continue reading

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Loony Balloons

Do these balloonists have too much time on their hands? Just 4 you.

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First sorry for my absence I have not been at my computer for at least 2 days. Words of wisdom – don’t do a full jump off your scooter trying to land back on it. I did it and I … Continue reading

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