Trivia Time 6: Candy

Finally a new Trivia Time.
Post your answers in the comments. Answers in two days in the comments. This one will include double questions. I want the answer to both questions.

  1. Who made the worlds first ice cream? How did they make the worlds first ice cream?
  2. Who was the, “Baby Ruth,” bar named after?
  3. Who made the first, “Hershey,” bar ? What was his former job?
  4. What newly-imported substance caused the first major outbreak of tooth decay in Europe?
  5. What flavor of ice cream did Baskin-Robbins introduce to commemorate America’s landing on the moon?

Unrelated:What word was coined when a trapped moth caused an early computer to crash?

These questions are brought  to you by Trivia Playing And Amazing Facts and Trivia By Quentin Compson.

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3 Responses to Trivia Time 6: Candy

  1. Stephanie says:

    1. Breyers, the cow froze :)
    2. a little girl named Ruth :)
    3. Mr Hershey, janitor
    4. chocolate
    5. rocky road
    unrelated: a computer bug

  2. David says:

    1. Borden’s, Accidental experiment
    2. Mr. Hershey’s grand daughter
    3. Mr. Hershey, tire vulcanizer
    4. Chewing gum
    5. Space Race

    Bonus: computer bug

  3. James says:


    1. A. China. B. Mixed rice paste and milk and froze them together.
    2.Grover Cleavland’s daughter Baby Ruth.(NOT the famous baseball player Babe Ruth)
    3. A. Milton Hershey. B. Caramel maker.
    4. Sugar
    5. Lunar Cheesecake.
    Unrelated: Bug

    I made this one hard eh?

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