Trivia Time 8: Clouds

I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while but here is the 8th Trivia Time this time on clouds. All will have questions A and B except the unrelated one.

1. A. You see my normal stance nice big and puffy and you like me a lot for calm weather is coming your way. But look at my 4 other cousins and you might want to stay inside for lots of rain is probably coming. What family of cloud am I? B. What are the clouds in this family?

2. A. Rain is coming if you see me spread out across the sky. What family of cloud am I? B. What clouds are in this family?

3. A. Very low I go. But I come and go. What cloud am I? B. What cloud am I much like?

4. A. Like the first family my normal is good weather while my others could be signs of rain. What family of cloud am I? B. What are the clouds in this family

5. A. I am a prefix to medium hight clouds that means high. What am I? B. I am at the beginning or end of the most fearsome clouds. What am I?

Unrelated question: The robber fly is sometimes called what?

Thank you for reading and waiting. Answers will be out in 3 days in the comments good luck you’ll need it!

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4 Responses to Trivia Time 8: Clouds

  1. David says:

    1. A. Cumulous (or something like that
    B. Cumulo-Jack, Cumulo-nimbus, Cumulo-quick, Cumulo-candlestick

    2. A. Stratus
    B. Sirius, Melancholy, Dunce


    4. A. Nimbus
    B. Nimby-pimby, Cousin-nimbus, Uncle-Nimbus

    5. A. Ominous-clouduous
    B. Stratus

    Unrelated question: pest

  2. James says:

    um I usually don’t give hints but that I think was pure silliness. 2 1/4 correct out of 11. I guess I made it harder than it seemed to me. I guess I didn’t want it easy but it turned out harder than I wanted.

  3. Stephanie says:

    1.A Cumulus




    5.A. alto

    unrelated: mosquito

  4. James says:


    B.Cumulus Cumulonimbus Cumulostratus Altocumulus Cirrocumulus

    B.Stratus Cumulostratus Nimbostratus Cirrostratus Altostratus


    B.Cirrus Cirrocumulus Cirrostratus


    Unrelated:Bee killer

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