Puzzle 9

It is March 9th. You are a detective in a case of a kidnapping. A former code breaker has been kidnapped. The suspects are.

Lin Harold

Bob Fredricson

Rose Garnet

Wong Turner

You find a calendar and you open it and flip through the pages. On the month of January is a note that is the kidnapped person calling from help. But the letter mentions noone or nowhere as a clue. The letter reads:

Help! I am being kidnapped! Please find me. I have no idea who it is or where I’m going. Please help.

You know it is the person needing help because the fingerprints and signiture match.


Post in comments I will post answers A. If someone posts in one week. B. If noone posts in a week I will post it when someone someone else posts it.

Good luck.

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3 Responses to Puzzle 9

  1. Stephanie says:

    Rose Garnet

  2. James says:

    Rose garnet

    Clue that was answer: You find a calendar and you open it and flip through the pages. >On the month of >>January<<< The kidnapped was a code breaker. She left the note in the month of January to tell something. The birthstone of the month of January is a garnet.

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