Lamentations code

In the book of lamentations chapter 3 has a interesting sequence. In Hebrew alphabet there are 22 letters in this book chapters 1,2,4, and 5 have 22 verses in order of the Hebrew alphabet. Only in Hebrew writings do you see this. But chapter 3 has 66 verses. Verses 1,2, and 3 for the first letter. 4,5, And 6 for the second and so forth. This may be a sad book but a very interesting sequence. I thought it was interesting and decided to make a version of it for a code. Randomly put in for a 1,2, or 3 for b 4,5,6 you get the picture. Until 76,77,78 for z. Decipher this.

46,32,13,59,60,75 8,44,43,36 22,63,24.

use this code to baffle pepole or for a password or passphrase. (Hint. To find out what letter is what number. Change into letter corresponding by its place in the alphabet like 1-a 2-b to 26-z. Then multiply by 3 and subtract two and that is the lowest number you can have for that letter.) (Another hint. To find a number check to see if it is a multiple of 3. If not round up to the nearest multiple of 3. then divide by three and then find out which letter is that number. Such as 1-a 2-b to 26-z. Like this. 19 rounded up to the next multiple of three whitch is 21. Divide 21 by 3 to get 7 go from a to the seventh letter of the alphabet which is g. There you go.)

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