Orion Update

Remember back in 2007 when I told about the Orion spacecraft? Well guess what this is NASA’s schedule now.

  • 2009 (Sep) AA-1 (Ascent Abort-1) unmanned ascent abort test (transonic)
  • 2010 (Spring) PA-2 unmanned pad abort test
  • 2010 (August) AA-2 unmanned ascent abort test (Max Q)
  • 2011 (February) AA-3 unmanned ascent abort test (low-altitude tumble test)
  • 2012 (September) Ares I-Y unmanned ascent abort test (high altitude)
  • 2012 First unmanned flight of Orion in Earth orbit.
  • 2014 (September) First manned flight of Orion in Earth orbit.
  • 2015 – 2018 First unmanned flight of Altair.
  • 2016 – 2018 First manned flight of Altair.
  • 2019 First manned lunar landing with Orion/Altair system.
  • 2020 start of planning for Mars missions
  • 2037 Possible date of manned arrival on Mars hinted at by Michael Griffin, the NASA administrator

By the way space shuttles will be kept running until 2010. Space station is to be completed by WHO KNOWS WHEN. Sigh no info on it. Enjoy this piece of info.

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