Well can’t find a few questions for TT11 so I’m going turn the tables and instead of asking the questions of trivia. I am going to tell you trivia.

A episode of the popular show Pokemon. Showed a fight with a certian red light pattern that caused seizures all over the country. This event was so bad it could only be made worse by a human with no common sense. Guess. A news reporter thought that it would be good for publicity if he showed a in case you missed it clip. I’ll take another round of seizures please. Human stupidity: 1 common sense: 0. Put another for the winning team for the makers not testing. One for the losing team for not showing the episode ever again. Final score; sense: 1 no sense: 2. What is this world coming to?

Spider silk is VERY strong. Even though a small item can cut through it when you see it hanging around. A string of silk the width of a pencil can stop a Boeing 747 in flight!

Back to the common sense game! Last time it was no sense 2 sense 1. Now see if we can top it. A man wanted to find out the contents of his car petrol tank. So what do you think he used to see in there? A flash light and found that like the name states petroleum! No change in score because it was a bad question but he did it sensibly… I wish! Now what do you think he really used? Lamp? No. Match? closer. Lighter? We have a winner!! He used the lighter and he quickly found out the contents were flammable petroleum. Well he was parked by his trailer home and this genius decided to rip out the tank and send it flying. No not in the direction of his house but he threw it without the cap on so the burning contents went towards well… everywhere. To top it off his wife went back in to get the dog and got severley injured. Now the score is the score is sense 2 one more for getting rid of the tank. No sense 6 one for the question one for the lighter one for not putting the cap back on one for his wife going back in.

I mightmake a 2 but with updates going slowly I may not.

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