Puzzle 13

Ciphers are the name of this game. Decode and name the ciphers. This uses a very well known over-complicated cipher. Here is a example.


this next one was made by me but I talked about it in a much earlier post check around the archives.

75,30,65 57,25,31,64,38,13 33,44,32,70 61,26,29,58

Oh this cipher is very well known


I’ll just give you those three for now answer in a week

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  1. James says:

    Ok not everyone answering at once.
    A. Bacon; says Bacon. Solution= check out bacon cipher and then look at it. the bolds are B’s and the regulars are A’s. Group them into 5′s and decipher.
    B. Lamentations code; says You should know this. Based on the third chapter of Lamentations which has a pattern of verses 1,2,3 in Hebrew starting with Alef (the first letter) verses 4,5,6 with Bet and so on till Tau I just reformatted it into English. Solution= round the number up to the nearest multiple of 3 (unless it is a multiple of three) and divide by three. 1-A 2-B 3-C to 26-Z with your answer. Apply with a bacon cipher or a substitution cipher ans its incredibly hard to decipher.
    C. Ceaser cipher; says been around since B.C. the Ceaser shift cipher has been around long but not successfully. Julius Ceaser gave it up because a suspected traitor knew it and could intercept messages. You decide how many times to shift the alphabet so no Shift is a-a b-b c-c ect. A shift of one is a-b b-c c-d to z-a. A shift of 2 is a-c b-d c-e to y-a z-b. Clever but easily deciphered. Solution= Try the shifts. 1 makes no sense 2 is same but 3 makes legible words. If you know it’s Ceaser shift then it’s easy to crack.

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