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Puzzle 15

Ciphers III out of V now. Just solve them and state the cipher. Oh one needs a keyword. all of the keywords will be: lock. Ironic no? these are EXTREMELY difficult to solve without hints so I’ll give some. 1. … Continue reading

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The fear of the bored…

is the definitely the beginning of wisdom for these pets. Note the Iwoot thing in a cloud. There is your AD. HAPPY!? New species of flower discovered! Kinda wrinkly though. No soy un salchicha! Oh lets see if i save … Continue reading

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Puzzle 14

Ciphers II now. Only one cipher this time but you will never be looking it up because it doesn’t exist. I looked up a LOT of ciphers and put some into one including my own, Lamentations cipher. Just solve. Look … Continue reading

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