Puzzle 14

Ciphers II now. Only one cipher this time but you will never be looking it up because it doesn’t exist. I looked up a LOT of ciphers and put some into one including my own, Lamentations cipher. Just solve. Look up ciphers and try using them on the code too. Just decipher. I will put up another puzzle next week but the answer on this one won’t come for two weeks. I need to figure it out myself. However I have to give you one thing or it might take months to crack so here is the key: decipher. No I’m not telling you to do that it is the hint, the word decipher. So now go. The ingenuity of this cipher is that if you put a step too early you won’t get anything. After the first week I’ll tell you what ciphers were used but putting them in the right order is still your task.

46,45,55 42,47,59,57 64,69,56,51 68,46 62,48

HINT: Ciphers are: keyword, bacon, ceaser shift, lamentations.

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One Response to Puzzle 14

  1. James says:

    Ok here:
    1. Lamentations: POS NPTS VWSQ WP UP

    2.Ceaser: MLP KMQP STPN TM RM

    4. Keyword: One more step to go


    4. which means: YAY

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