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Christmas Carol Countdown!

Ah Christmas month. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. *Sips hot chocolate* Ahhh… Now to run from the Cliché police. Here in Argentina it’s almost summer. So I’m actually sipping on a cold Coke. *Sips* Ahhh… they are … Continue reading

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Puzzle 19

Another logic puzzle. Straight to the point. A lovely princess was loved by many princes of other kingdoms, but she was notoriously picky about choosing her husband so that that it drove her father, the king, mad. Then one day … Continue reading

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Funny signs 2

I’m going to need it. Unexpected sign is unexpected. Hmm It lacks logic. Seal hater! GPS sign is well… a GPS what else?

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Puzzle 18

Welcome back! Let’s go straight to the puzzle. A king in medieval times thought his seers were giving him wrong information. Like when they said they foresaw a expansion in the empire, but a savage horde conquered half his kingdom … Continue reading

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it’s Christma- wait, no?

Hmm Santa and his snowmen must be looking for a pre-Christmas job. and stores are lazy on taking stuff down.

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browser comparison

hmmm it’s quite true.

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Why use Internet Explorer

I agree 100%

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