The Grammarless Planet

This is a collection of silly errors and kinda mocking Über Grammar Nazis.

In the distant planet of zippatheee,
Grammar is all topsy-turvetyy.

Yesterday you run all day,
And said tomorrow you will want to lay.

Someone drug you out the door,
And ain’t is correct, Oh horror!

They say “The Elements of Style” are hard and fast rules
(Glad to know we aren’t the only fools.)

You slept tomorrow night, sawed a dog,
Think different, and catched a frog!

But now we end the grammatical hilarity.
We don’t want to give sticklers a coronary.

In the distant land of zippatheee,
Grammar is all topsy-turvetyy,

But here on earth there is no lament.
Our rules at least are set in cement.

How many errors are there?
Creative Commons License
The Grammarless Planet by James Peach is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Just to make it clear to you. You are free to copy the poem or use my “template” to make your own. Just post the above bit into it.

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This is a place to post things that I find interesting or puzzles and other things.
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