Trivia Time 11 New Year’s Trivia

At last! A new Trivia Time. On 11/1/1 I put up Trivia Time 11. No I am not going to torture you and release #12 on 12/12/12. I’ll give 10 questions about New Year’s traditions. Then 1 random question about a random topic. Enjoy!

1. In Columbia, Cuba and Puerto Rico they burn a doll dressed in old clothes from members of the family. What’s the name of this doll?

2. What beans are commonly eaten in the US on New Year’s day?

3. What are Chinese doors and windows sealed with?

4. The Chinese burn crackers on New Year’s eve. Why?

5. What country started the “baby new year” tradition?

6. In what country can find barrels of tar set afire and gradually rolled down the streets?

7. What variation of Auld Lang Syne is sung in Japan at New Year? (English name please not Japanese)

8. Where were fireworks invented?

9. What is the most common New Year’s resolution.

10. Who said, “Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now averageā€¦ which means, you have met your New Year’s resolution.”

Bonus: What was the name of the person who invented the first cell phone. And what company did he work for?

Answers will be out in the comments Saturday, and the next Trivia Time will be on the 14th of January. Post your answers in there beforehand or after to show how well/poorly you did.

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One Response to Trivia Time 11 New Year’s Trivia

  1. James says:

    1. Mr. old year
    2. Black eyed peas
    3. Paper
    4. To fend off evil spirits
    5. Greece
    6. I was going to say scotland but the only results I’m now getting are from ottery st mary in devon.
    7. Glow of a firefly
    8. China
    9. Spend more time with family/friends
    10. Jay Leno
    Bonus: Dr Martin Cooper for Motorola. Trivia about that: the first call was to say HA HA I BEAT YOU (or something like that) to his rival Joel Engel, Bell Lab’s head of research.

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