Trivia Time 12: Mountains

Ahh finally the new TT. Basic and is about mountains. I want to, beforehand, explain why I don’t put out Trivia Times more often. You have to wade through hundreds of pages and facts (which some are inaccurate as embarrassingly shown in the one on U.S. Presidents) And find the 10 that I need. It was much easier when I only needed 5 but now I do 10. And then when you get a fact you have to research it. Then if it seems to contradict common knowledge I have to discard that question entirely. Because I have conflicting reports and I have commonly seen common knowledge be wrong. I have a book of trivia that would make my life easier but I have seen inaccuracies therefore making the entire book possibly invalid. It’s become extremely hard to assure information because of the internet. All this and more makes it greatly frustrating. That is why I don’t put up stuff more often. But enough of that. Now for the questions.

1. What is the highest mountain in the 48 continental United States?

2. What is the second highest mountain in the world is located on the border of which two countries?

3. What is the highest peak in Australia?

4. What is the highest peak of Spanish territory?

5. What is Antarctica’s highest point?

6. And Europe’s highest peak?

7. Who was the first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest?

8. What is the deadliest mountain?

9. Who stayed longest on the top of mount Everest?

10. How and where on the mountain did aforementioned record holder (question 9) die?

Well answers will come NEXT Saturday and a new TT will come on the Saturday after that (maybe). Post your answers in the comments and you can comment on this puzzle after I put the answers out.

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One Response to Trivia Time 12: Mountains

  1. James says:

    1. Mount Whitney.

    2. Pakistan and China. The second highest mountain is called K2, or Godwin Austen. Note that the area actually is in dispute as India also claims this area.

    3. Mount Kosciuszko

    4. Pico de Teide

    5. Vinson Massif

    6. Mount Elbrus

    7. Edmund Hillary

    8. Annapurna

    9. Babu Chiri Sherpa with 21.5 hours

    10. He slipped while taking pictures near camp II (6500m) and fell to his death.


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