Trivia Time 13: Civil War Trivia

Yeah yeah, I’m late, so sue me. Post your answers in the comments. The answers I give will be out the 19th. I don’t know what made me think of the civil war maybe it was the fact that I have been studying it in school. But I was looking for war trivia because it’s abundant. I have a bad feeling that at least one of these is going to be inaccurate (number 13). I got a good deal of trivia from I only scratched the surface so go and see all the stuff there.

1. What was Major Gen. William L. Jackson’s nickname?

2. What was the “Alligator”?

3. What disease did President Lincoln contract right after the Gettysburg Address?

4. What general owned a slave, yet chose not to sell him when he needed money. He instead gave the slave his freedom?

5. How many cannon in a union battery?

6. What were “fireballs” in the south?

7. What/who was a dragoon?

8. What did General “Jeb” Stuart’s nickname, “Jeb,” mean?

9. When Marion Rangers organized in 1861, a famous author joined as a lieutenant, but left, having fired only one hostile shot during the war, before it was mustered into Confederate service.  Who was he?

10. What was the nickname for raw recruits during the war?

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  1. James says:

    1. “Mudwall” Jackson. He was “Stonewall” Jackson’s cousin.

    2. A Union submarine declared “useless”

    3. Smallpox.

    4. General Ulysses S Grant (not who you though eh?)

    5. 6

    6. coal dust, sawdust, sand and wet clay into hardened lumps for burning and heat.

    7. A soldier that uses horses for mobility in the battlefield but does fighting on foot.

    8. His first 3 initials. J. E. B. (James Ewell Brown)

    9. Samuel Clemens (A.K.A. Mark Twain)

    10. Fresh fish

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