Trivia Time 14 FAILED Video Games and Video Game Systems

You have probably seen some bad video games and failed add-ons but these are the games and consoles that took the cake. Some even that crashed the market, bad decisions, or those that are such a failure that I just can’t resist adding them.  Only 6 questions because I feel like it.

1. I cant make this one without mentioning the game that helped cause (and even if it didn’t cause it, it CERTAINLY didn’t help at all) the home console crash of 1983. Later to be, supposedly, dumped in a landfill starting a HUGE controversy. I don’t even need to mention the console for this one. What game am I talking about?

2. Nintendo has made 2 3D systems (3DS being the 2nd.) But they made 1 other that, along with breaking like glass, caused eye strain, stiff necks and headaches. Needless to say it wasn’t a success. What system is this?

3. I mentioned the PSX in the last video game TT. You probably never heard of it because it was only released where?

4. Nintendo released the arcade game Radar Scope in Japan where it was moderately successful. So they ordered 3000 machines for the U.S.A. . 1000 were sold and they were stuck with 2000. They grabbed some guy off their team and told him to re-program the game. It was a success. What game did they change it to using the same programming?

5. Apple made a deal with Bandai to make a computer/console. It was good to start but was released too late and by that time the Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn were already controlling. What was it called?

BONUS: How long is the average life span of a dollar bill?


Answers next Saturday!

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One Response to Trivia Time 14 FAILED Video Games and Video Game Systems

  1. James says:

    1. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600
    2. The Virtual Boy
    3. Japan
    4. Donkey Kong
    5. Apple Bandai Pippin

    BONUS: 18

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