Two Towers

Two towers stood tall and free.
They were a beacon of liberty.

Two towers looked out to the sea,
But looming there was tragedy.

Two towers knew not why it came,
Yet the effect was seen all the same.

Two towers felt the first blow,
And to all around, time did slow.

Two towers captivated a nation’s glare,
And all were wondering who would dare.

Two towers felt the deathly crash.
Innocent’s days ended fast.

Two towers’ supports gave their all,
But soon did the first one fall.

One tower down; caught by surprise,
Souls of victims began to rise.

Two towers were many’s bane
As the second one, down it came.

Two towers’ fires could not be tamed,
And now the protector’s lives it claimed.

Two towers; more souls lost a hopeless fight,
But in that loss, a county unite.

Never forget.

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This is a place to post things that I find interesting or puzzles and other things.
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