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Err sorry

I couldn’t get a new trivia time or puzzle out today so insteeeeeeaaaaad: The only thing that could make this cuter is if they didn’t misspell the misspelling of has

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How to deal with telemarketers

A guy was saying he recently got a telemarketer to call him to subscribe to his magazine. “Can’t,” he said. “Why not?” the telemarketer asked. “I’m blind,” he said. he could hear the telemarketer searching through his sales call notebook. … Continue reading

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Funny signs 2

I’m going to need it. Unexpected sign is unexpected. Hmm It lacks logic. Seal hater! GPS sign is well… a GPS what else?

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it’s Christma- wait, no?

Hmm Santa and his snowmen must be looking for a pre-Christmas job. and stores are lazy on taking stuff down.

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browser comparison

hmmm it’s quite true.

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Why use Internet Explorer

I agree 100%

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The Grammarless Planet

This is a collection of silly errors and kinda mocking Über Grammar Nazis. In the distant planet of zippatheee, Grammar is all topsy-turvetyy. Yesterday you run all day, And said tomorrow you will want to lay. Someone drug you out … Continue reading

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