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Trivia Time 14 FAILED Video Games and Video Game Systems

You have probably seen some bad video games and failed add-ons but these are the games and consoles that took the cake. Some even that crashed the market, bad decisions, or those that are such a failure that I just … Continue reading

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Trivia Time 13: Civil War Trivia

Yeah yeah, I’m late, so sue me. Post your answers in the comments. The answers I give will be out the 19th. I don’t know what made me think of the civil war maybe it was the fact that I … Continue reading

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TT 13 delayed

Instead a piece of advice for you: TT 13 will come out (hopefully) monday

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Trivia Time 12: Mountains

Ahh finally the new TT. Basic and is about mountains. I want to, beforehand, explain why I don’t put out Trivia Times more often. You have to wade through hundreds of pages and facts (which some are inaccurate as embarrassingly … Continue reading

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Trivia Time 11 New Year’s Trivia

At last! A new Trivia Time. On 11/1/1 I put up Trivia Time 11. No I am not going to torture you and release #12 on 12/12/12. I’ll give 10 questions about New Year’s traditions. Then 1 random question about … Continue reading

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Trivia Time 10 !!!!! SP GRAB BAG!

YAY! NUMBER 10 this means something special! This time around there are 10 questions and answers. All questions are grab bag questions. Ready? Set? GO! 1.  What is the temperature that aluminum melts at ? 2.  A singer called Rick … Continue reading

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Trivia Time 9! : Video Games

I am sorry that I have not posted ANYTHING sine march except a comment. But today a new Trivia Time is coming out and a new puzzle. We have moved from Mexico to the U.S.A. recently and are enjoying it. … Continue reading

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