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Trivia Time 14 FAILED Video Games and Video Game Systems

You have probably seen some bad video games and failed add-ons but these are the games and consoles that took the cake. Some even that crashed the market, bad decisions, or those that are such a failure that I just … Continue reading

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*Drools* Cyootness like:

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The “Toad Protection Program For Toads That Escaped From Bowser” apparently helped this one. (Made with: Glitchy emulator) I was going to put jokes today but instead I will do that tomorrow The week and 1 day of laughs will … Continue reading

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Trivia Time 9! : Video Games

I am sorry that I have not posted ANYTHING sine march except a comment. But today a new Trivia Time is coming out and a new puzzle. We have moved from Mexico to the U.S.A. recently and are enjoying it. … Continue reading

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Wacky Hamsters

“Ill see your bet and raise you 100″ “Come on car go faster. Beat that chevy. Come on come on. YAY I won!” Told ya I’d get a hamster playing video games. My hamsters Spot and Fluffy are cool. They … Continue reading

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