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Puzzle 26

Okay I got a puzzle for today. I’m going to be switching gears and days. Puzzle answers will come Saturdays and puzzles on Mondays. I’m also going to a more lateral thinking puzzle type. These require more (and sometimes stranger) … Continue reading

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Well a new Trivia Time should be out tomorrow. Soooooo I’ll give you… They misspelled haz again! >_< oh well. It’s still cute.

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Err sorry

I couldn’t get a new trivia time or puzzle out today so insteeeeeeaaaaad: The only thing that could make this cuter is if they didn’t misspell the misspelling of has

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The Zebra Puzzle AKA The Einstein Puzzle

Albert Einstein was purported to have made this puzzle and said that only 2% of the people in the world could figure it out. I don’t believe that. For one thing I’m no Einstein and I’ve figured it out. Thrice. … Continue reading

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Puzzle 25

Ha ha! New puzzle! this one is hard. Once upon a time, and old lady went to sell her vast quantity of eggs at the local market. When asked how many she had, she replied: Son, I can’t count past … Continue reading

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Mini puzzle 3

here is a simple puzzle that I just don’t feel like it would be a good regular one. I can be created by humans, But they cannot control me. I suck on wood, paper and flesh alike. I can be … Continue reading

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Protected: Mini puzzle 2 answer area

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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