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Hamster Heaven

I haven’t been doing stuff other than puzzles and TTs so for a change of pace: Every Wednesday i’ll put a new hamster picture. Just for fun.

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Puzzle 34

A widow has irrefutable proof in court that her husband was murdered by her sister. Both the widow and her sister are before the judge. The judge declares, “This is the strangest case I’ve ever seen. Though it’s a closed … Continue reading

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Puzzle 33!

Wow 33 puzzles already! How could a person fall out of a twenty-story building window onto the ground and be virtually unharmed? Answers Saturday.

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Puzzle 32

Here is a puzzle for yall. If I was giving out 10 CDs and put them in a bag and left it on my lawn, how could 10 people, who all take just one and don’t put theirs back, come … Continue reading

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Puzzle 31

Ready for another puzzle? ready, set, go! A New York city hairdresser once said that he would rather cut the hair of three Canadians than one New Yorker. Why? Post answers in the comments! My answers will come Saturday and … Continue reading

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Trivia Time 13: Civil War Trivia

Yeah yeah, I’m late, so sue me. Post your answers in the comments. The answers I give will be out the 19th. I don’t know what made me think of the civil war maybe it was the fact that I … Continue reading

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TT 13 delayed

Instead a piece of advice for you: TT 13 will come out (hopefully) monday

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