Trivia Time 7 : Grab Bag

Well it’s time again but now a grab bag. 9 questions and in 2 days 9 answers and I want you to know that even though you see 6 questions 3 of them will have an A and B. but after this I will be putting in 2 of these Double questions I want you to answer them both. Question 2 is a special Multi Choice to help you #1 makes it correct #2 makes it better and if you get the date well then you get it completely correct.

1. A.What does ‘Byte’ mean? B. What does ‘Pixel’ mean?

2. The famous comic “Garfield” Written by Jim Davis started when? 1988, 1981, 1978, or 1976. July, October, February, or June. 19, 30, 26, or 28.

3. A. Over the internet what is the best way to make a secret message without a mind boggling code? B. How do you read it ?

4. I toss a penny in the air which side is more probable to win? Heads or tails?

5. What do bananas grow on?

6. A. Can something other than light go the speed of light. B. Faster?

Answers in 2 days think about this. These questions were given by.

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4 Responses to Trivia Time 7 : Grab Bag

  1. Stephanie says:

    1. small piece, small picture
    2. 1978, June, 19
    3. no idea, with your eyes
    4. heads
    5. a stalk
    6. no, no

    And by the way there are 9 questions

  2. James says:

    ok I didn’t mention question 6. editing

  3. DPeach says:

    1. A. Byte is 8 bits (I think?) B. Picture something. It means a dot in an image. If a picture is 10 pixels in size it means it is made up of 10 dots.

    2. February 28, 1978

    3. PGP, Shared public keys.

    4. They each have the same chance of winning.

    5. A banana plant. The whole stalk that the bananas grow on is called the bunch.

    6. A. No B. Yes, a tachyon particle.

  4. James says:


    1. A.’By eight’ B.’Picture cell’ or ‘Picture element.’
    2. 1978. June. 19.
    3. A. In white B. Click hold and move the mouse over the white area (Remember Puzzle 5 that was where the n came from I hid it in white)
    4. Tails. Heads is really heavier.
    5. Rhizomes. SURPRISE
    6. A. No B. Yes

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