Trivia Time 10 !!!!! SP GRAB BAG!

YAY! NUMBER 10 this means something special! This time around there are 10 questions and answers. All questions are grab bag questions. Ready? Set? GO!

1.  What is the temperature that aluminum melts at ?

2.  A singer called Rick Astley is known for if you get jokingly tricked to be sent to one of his videos on youtube they say you’ve been _______ what is the correct phrase?

3.  R.O.B was a add on for the NES that helped it be liked in America during the video game crash. How many games were for it?

4. Why will you die if you eat a polar bear’s liver?

5. True or false. The great wall of china is the only man made object on earth visible from space with the naked eye.

6. At 30 inches per step how many steps are there in a mile?

7. Decode. Code is take out every u,y,g,and f also every other i: huiyg tughuyeyyfguirguuyguuggye

8. The Wii was released when?

9. Facebook was released to only Harvard students at first this was when?

10. The song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”originated in what century?

Merry Christmas! Answers will be here at Christmas.

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3 Responses to Trivia Time 10 !!!!! SP GRAB BAG!

  1. David says:

    1 300 degrees F
    2 Rick Rolled
    3 4
    4 Too much iron
    5 F
    6 1800
    7 Hi There
    8 2006
    9 2004
    10 Germany

  2. James says:


    1. 1218 F WOW
    2. Rick Rolled
    3. 2, Sad no?
    4. Vitamin A poisoning
    5. False
    6. 2112
    7. Hi there
    8. November 19 2006
    9. February 4 2004
    10. 16th century
    Thank you for the wait I just don’t like posting answers until i get one answer. next one will come out when i want it to be.

  3. David says:

    Question 10 I read as “what country?”. When I saw your answer I went back and read it again and I still read “what country?”. I thought you were going crazy then I realized it was me that was going crazy.

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