Puzzle 50!

Black to move. What is Black’s best move? Realize that White is to mate in one with Nf6!++

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  1. James says:


    Afterwards the following events would play out:

    Nf6+ Rxf6
    Qg5+ Kf8 (not Kh8?)
    Qxf6 and now black is out of the continuous checks.

    A queen move that accomplished the same thing would result in the loss of the queen.

    f6?? leads to a perpetual check position that results in mate. After f6??:
    Nxf6+ Kf7
    Ng5!+ Ke7
    Qg7+ Kd6

  2. James says:

    After writing this I realized I forgot to take into account the move: Re6

    After … Re6:
    dxe6 Now black has a lot of moves now, but really the threat of mate still exists. There only are two moves. Qe7 and fxe6. Let’s start with the former:

    … Qe7
    Nf6+ Qxf6
    Qxf6 White is up a rook and a queen for a knight.

    Now after fxe6:
    Nf6+ Kf7
    Nxe5+ Ke7
    Qg7+ Kd6
    Ne4++ That simple changing of where the f3 knight attacked from made the lack of the d5 pawn irrelevant.

    So yeah, no change in result. Rd6 is still the best move.

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