Orion The New Spacecraft

In March 2015 there will be an enhanced Space Shuttle released called the Orion. It will carry more cargo than any other shuttle to the Space Station that might be done around 2020 or so. Cross your fingers and hope that it does not explode like the Challenger.


However, the Orion will cause serious problems in the space program. At 2010 NASA will work only on Orion and on nothing else. Actually Orion will replace the Space Shuttle! Let’s hope this works

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  1. Mrs. Green says:

    This is pretty exciting, I think, but kind of scary too! It will be interesting to see where our space program goes next. 100 years ago or even 50 years ago people didn’t think we would be able to do the things we can do now and explore the places we can explore now.
    I don’t think I could ever live up in the space station.
    Thanks for telling me about this!

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